The Plumber’s Empire by Ian Gibson


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I want this … so hard.

Forget meth. Cutting yourself is where it’s at.


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FIGHT CLUB, directed by David Fincher (1999)

’- What is this ?
- This, is chemical burn.’

"Only after we’ve lost everything are we free to do anything."

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The End of Evangelion’s DVD menu is a masterpiece in itself.

I thought I was the only one.

 5th time on my blog

This series, all the movies are incredible. Of course I’ve never seen any of them on DVD because I’ve only watched them online … but even the DVD menu is fantastic.

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Not gonna lie. This is the response I’ve given anyone who’s told me they got Pokemon White.

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Saw the moon tonight and so … I wrote this. Just a random pang of inspiration.

They say that crescent moon that hangs up there is the thumbnail of God’s hand.

His hand mindfully guides our world on its course, never straying from His will.

You call it divine authority but I deem Him unfit to rule. I will seek to liberate my mind and my soul from that oppression and create a world where self-governance is law. I am the master of my universe because I choose to be; sins be damned.

What will you choose?


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Marry me.

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